Friday, March 18, 2011

Breakfast In A Bottle

I recently had the opportunity to try out some new Bolthouse Farms products. I was already familiar with the company as I already know and love the "Amazing Mango" Fruit Smoothie. I can drink one of the smaller sizes in the morning and I am full. It's especially great when I'm on the run or when it's hot outside and I don't want to eat much.I got a few coupons to try a beverage product and one of the products from Bolthouse Farms salad dressing line so I decided I'd try out something I haven't had before.

I started with the Passion Orange Guava Juice-a new item in their product line. I have to admit that I was lucky I even got a few glasses of this juice because my kids discovered it. They were very excited about trying it as well. They aren't the biggest fans of Guavas so I was pretty surprised when they loved it because that was the first thing I tasted. I must admit that I didn't love it quite as much as I love the Amazing Mango, but then if you put any other fruit up against a mango, mango usually will come out on top. ;) Overall, it was a delicious juice that had alot of flavor that I would absolutely buy again.

I also wanted to try the Raspberry Merlot Vinaigrette but I had a difficult time finding the Bolthouse Farms dressings in my local stores. I ended up settling on the Classic Ranch Creamy Yogurt Dressing. I generally don't use a creamy dressing, but I did enjoy it. It had a great flavor that I think also works well for a dip. It even got picky eater approval ;)  as a great "dipping sauce." I imagine that I had a hard time finding them because they are still new, but I look forward to trying some of the other varieties.

If you're interested in trying Bolthouse Farms out for yourself, check out the Giveaway Page for a chance to win a Beverage Product and Salad Dressing or Click Here! See Giveaway Info page if you have any questions. Giveaway ends Friday, April 1, 2011 at 11:59pm EST.

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